Six Reasons You Should Think About Living Outside The City

Six Reasons You Should Think About Living Outside The City

As you may have noticed, I have been listing and posting some brand new houses on my page with very low price points. Many people have commented that this has to be to good to be true, or even question the listing itself. These homes have laminate flooring with a 35-year warranty throughout the home, 9ft ceilings with 10ft tray ceilings in the great room and master bedroom, maple cabinets with crown mouldings and soft-close hardware, pot lights, engineered floor joists, ICF foundations and many other high-quality features — and it’s 100% legitimate.

As you also may have noticed, I haven’t been listing the address of these properties until people contact me.


Because these homes are just outside the city in St. Adolphe, Niverville, Kleefeld, Oakbank and Steinbach and that tends to rub people the wrong way. I want to tell you a few reasons why you should mull it over before turning it down.


  1. Most of these places actually aren’t that far away.

It is the same distance to Sage Creek as it is to St. Adolphe from U of M. If you added another 20 minutes to your commute you could have all of the features you want in your home, without the outrageous price tag.

  1. The lot sizes

Pool? Patio? Deck? How about that garden you always talk about? Plus, green space for the kids and dog to run around? You can have that.

  1. Cheaper taxes & utilities

Average 50’ lots in St. Adolphe vs. average 50’ wide lots in Winnipeg — states that there was a approximate annual savings of 51% in homeowner utilities (a large portion of these savings are a result of having $0 paid for frontage and waste fees) and 36% savings in homeowner taxes! I know I could use a few extra bucks to pay for that yearly hot destination vacation I dream about every winter.

  1. Better long-term investment

Urban sprawl is inevitable. It’s just a matter of time. When the city expands to be closer to these satellite communities the values your house outside the city will become comparable to city values, giving you a greater return on your home.

  1. It’s quieter

Ahhhhh. Relaxing.

  1. The houses have a lower price per square foot

A 1200 sq ft home in Steinbach sits on a 55ft wide lot with more upgrades than a base home in the city goes for $289,900. This INCLUDES the lot and GST, plus all the upgrades. This same house, with the same finishes, on the same lot inside the city would cost you approximately $100,000 more. The numbers may vary depending on the builder and or area, but no matter how you slice it, it’s a massive difference.


I have been doing this drive to these places for the past 6 months, and it’s not nearly as bad as I expected it to be. A 20-minute highway drive feels like a 10 minute city drive. The more I do it, the easier it becomes for me to feel like I could live out there. Now I just have got to get my girls on board.

Don’t believe me? Get in the car and drive to the St.Adolphe Motor Inn and grab some of their 65+ flavours of wings and a pint. It might change your mind.


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