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Sun’s out summer playlist

Sun’s out summer playlist

Summer is here— and that means dock parties, BBQ’s and enjoying some loud bangers to set the mood!

My good friend, and coworker, Joe Fiorillo, loves EDM music, and he always enjoys getting new playlists that pump him up. So, last spring I attempted to create the perfect house playlist, just for him, to get him ready for summer. Joe’s quite picky when it comes to the music he listens to, “I like the songs with singing in it. Not a fan of the heavy dubstep stuff. Give me something that’s more upbeat with a simple melody and I am SOLD!” says Joe.

So this month, I have focused on revamping Joe’s playlist “JoJo’s House” and decided to share it so everyone can enjoy!

If I were to pick one song that gets me going every time, it would have to be Airborne by Michael Woods. I was first introduced to this song by my good friend, Kellen Daly, while pre-gaming before a Minnesota Vikings game and I was hooked ever since. Just hang in there for the second drop at the 4:00 mark, and try to tell me that you don’t want to jump up on your Hakasan bottle service booth and do a chicken dance…

Here’s to great music and an incredible summer!